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Replica Breitling Emergancy watches come without the 121.5 MHz Radio transmitter  and will not send a distress signal! In 1995, Breitling’s The Emergency was introduced and it was designed specifically to save people’s lives in critical situations. It was made with the help of professional pilots. The titanium watch’s flip open case had a micro transmitter set to 121.5 MHz which is the international air distress frequency and it could send signals by means of a wire antenna should the wearer need any help. The transmitter once activated would emit a 0.75second impulse for every 2.25s. On a flat terrain, the signal will be received within 99.4 miles of the site by search planes that are cruising at an altitude of 6000 meters. It had two lithium batteries to keep the transmitter working for 48 hours. Its electronic time measuring module was able to measure to the nearest 1/100th of a second and it also featured a countdown function, a time display and alarm all in digital display. Many pilots who were part of an aerobatic squadron around the world wore The Emergency.

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New Datora in 1967 - The 1960s influenced a lot of watchmakers including Breitling. The round watches didn’t go away completely but it was difficult to ignore the trend which was slightly curved or straight lines. The pillow shaped case along with the rectangular and square cases also enjoyed a comeback and was adapted to fit the era’s technical innovations. There were refinements like the faceted edges and cut off corners. There were no automatic chronograph movements during the time yet so daily manual winding was necessary for the Caliber 739 replica Swiss ETA which featured a date window and 45 elapsed minutes. You could see the tachymeter scales and pulsometer on the dial’s circumference and had marked applied hour indexes.

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